Things to bring while hitchhiking



Many people dream of traveling around the country but never end up doing it because of this and that. Sometimes there are the people who want to see the world so badly that they will do anything.

From my experience hitchhiking on the road, its really not much harder than jumping into a cold pool of water. its difficult at first but once your idea of leaving gains momentum, it starts becoming clearer and more attainable!

here are some things you might want to check out:

MAP! you know why lol

Bag.. Your bag is the most important item you will have while hitchhiking. Its where you will keep all of your stuff so its worth it to invest in a good one. I’ve heard good things from this one.
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Clothes… I took about 3 shirts, couple pairs of pants and a jacket. Its also pretty important to be prepared for rain.

phone… Although you don’t need it, my phone saved my ass a lot of times when I had no clue where I was or where the nearest town was. GPS is great!

Sharpie… You will be making a lot of signs to wave, so bring enough ink!

Essentials…..toothbrush, cleaning stuff, first aid, sewing kit, survival kit

Sleeping bag… You could either bring a tarp to lay on during the night or a small tent, I usually just found a spot off the road where no one could see me

You will have a lot of free time so its important to bring a Guitar or something to play when your bored, Bringing your talent with you can help bring in money when you might need it. share your heart to the world! people love it!

Last but not least.. BRING A NOTEBOOK! document your travels! Doodling can be really fun when there are down times, which is basically all the time on the road. Hope you have fun on your journey 🙂