How music touches the soul


Music is really important in a lot of peoples lives, most people can say they listen to it at least once a day.

Sometimes I have feelings of being empty and sort of nervous, I worry about even the next moment. I put myself in a state of being that is in dissatisfaction with the world around me. When I feel so lost that my breath is forgotten, I usually turn to the healing sounds of music.

I listen to music that doesn’t involve alot of words, and I NEVER listen to the radio. The message a song can bring you is not from only the words a person sings but its the feeling you get from the variation of tones and melodies and beats that form together in a harmonious way. Then in return puts me into a harmonious way of being when I follow the music.

Most music on thew radio nowadays goes over alot of unneeded drama and whenever I listen to it it feels like I’m being brainwashed into feeling how the artist is feeling which is usually greed, heartbreak or gossip. which is shitty. Find your OWN rhythm and message! create music or listen to some jazz music or instrumental music. Explore the vastness of the music world and find uplifting and supportive music that will help you on your journey to happiness. ┬áHere are some of my music choices nowadays: Gorillaz, Mushroom Jazz, and obviously Dont worry, Be happy by Bobby Mcferrin. Sometimes il listen to Psy-trance music when i need to focus. Explore your own music preferences! dont be afraid to listen to something different!

Thats all goodbye