Mind machines of the future

lsd guy

Mind machines are basically glasses or goggles that have led lights where your lenses are, they flash at certain frequencies that your brain then interprets into spiraling geometric patterns and can take you into realms of consciousness you never thoughts possible if you have never done any psychedelics.

Here’s a good pair I found on amazon that is worth checking out!


I’ve tried a pair of them a few times and was astounded. The patterns that emerged from my mind amazed me. Its as if the mind creates complex visuals or interprets them just from a light source. Maybe the frequency of the flashing led lights reveals a hidden realm of reality that cannot be seen otherwise.

If you meditate often you might know of these states of experience. This is how I achieve them; First I will find an object in the room like a cup or object on a table that is usually about 3 to 6 feet away.  Then after getting into a relaxed state of mind, I look at the object and see it for what it is, light shining through my retinas.  I shift my focus a few feet in front of the object but still looking at my entire experience..without blinking, without resistance, then what i see before me shifts into chaotic, LOUD, visuals. As if the scene in front of me SHIFTS. Some call it the dmt state. Give it a try! once you understand this ability, try it in the mirror with yourself. 🙂