Why making art sometimes sucks


If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering why you cant get your ass to the easel. Well look no further for I have the remedy of your dis-ease.

Many people including myself get in cycles of being stagnant, not wanting to do much, losing hope about the future, you know, what everyone on the whole entire planet has gone through.. ..Right! depression! You are not alone and help is here. A big thing about depression for me atleast is MEETING YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE…. meaning, understand where you are emotionally and find whats working for you then BUILD on that. Nothing says self-love like helping yourself to feel better rather than wallowing in your sorrow. (although sometimes its necessary to explore your emotions to find their roots)

Anyway… getting back into your craft can be as easy as GET OF YOUR ASS AND START SOMETHING RIGHT NOW…………… but sometimes we have too much resistance to that idea which is totally okay. When I get to that point I start from scratch, I ask myself ¬†“why do I paint?” …”what good would painting do for me?” ¬†because more times than often we get anxiety about the final product and what could be rather than the process because its the process, the moment, that is most fulfilling. Be fully engaged and focused on the stroke that nothing else can exist in your mind other than your creation. Do not create for the result, create for the enjoyment of creating!