places to volunteer and live


Many travelers around the world find places to work in exchange for food and room. These places are whats called work exchange.

The main website used for most people is This website shows alot of farms and farming communities you could live on and work on. Ive never used it personally but I heard alot of good things from it and it would be worth the $30 annually.

If you are spiritually minded there are various spiritual centers over the U.S. for example there is which is a beautiful meditation center I stayed at for about three months. There are usually volunteer positions available during the spring summer and early fall.

Recently I just came back from staying at a farm in maine, I found this place through a friend and I basically just worked to help feed animals and whatever else needed done. This is usually the case if you choose to look at the website.

Before being in Maine I was volunteering at COSM (chapel of sacred mirrors) run by world renowned artists alex grey and allyson grey. Its a sanctuary for spiritually minded people looking for an outlet with the creative process. You could volunteer for a weekend during events or for a month or two and become part of the family! It was a transformative experience living there. I learned alot about myself and my talents. Here’s the website for more info