Mind machines of the future

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Mind machines are basically glasses or goggles that have led lights where your lenses are, they flash at certain frequencies that your brain then interprets into spiraling geometric patterns and can take you into realms of consciousness you never thoughts possible if you have never done any psychedelics.

Here’s a good pair I found on amazon that is worth checking out!


I’ve tried a pair of them a few times and was astounded. The patterns that emerged from my mind amazed me. Its as if the mind creates complex visuals or interprets them just from a light source. Maybe the frequency of the flashing led lights reveals a hidden realm of reality that cannot be seen otherwise.

If you meditate often you might know of these states of experience. This is how I achieve them; First I will find an object in the room like a cup or object on a table that is usually about 3 to 6 feet away.  Then after getting into a relaxed state of mind, I look at the object and see it for what it is, light shining through my retinas.  I shift my focus a few feet in front of the object but still looking at my entire experience..without blinking, without resistance, then what i see before me shifts into chaotic, LOUD, visuals. As if the scene in front of me SHIFTS. Some call it the dmt state. Give it a try! once you understand this ability, try it in the mirror with yourself. 🙂




places to volunteer and live


Many travelers around the world find places to work in exchange for food and room. These places are whats called work exchange.

The main website used for most people is wwoof.org. This website shows alot of farms and farming communities you could live on and work on. Ive never used it personally but I heard alot of good things from it and it would be worth the $30 annually.

If you are spiritually minded there are various spiritual centers over the U.S. for example there is www.shambhalamountain.org which is a beautiful meditation center I stayed at for about three months. There are usually volunteer positions available during the spring summer and early fall.

Recently I just came back from staying at a farm in maine, I found this place through a friend and I basically just worked to help feed animals and whatever else needed done. This is usually the case if you choose to look at the wwoof.org website.

Before being in Maine I was volunteering at COSM (chapel of sacred mirrors) run by world renowned artists alex grey and allyson grey. Its a sanctuary for spiritually minded people looking for an outlet with the creative process. You could volunteer for a weekend during events or for a month or two and become part of the family! It was a transformative experience living there. I learned alot about myself and my talents. Here’s the website for more info COSM.org.

Things to bring while hitchhiking



Many people dream of traveling around the country but never end up doing it because of this and that. Sometimes there are the people who want to see the world so badly that they will do anything.

From my experience hitchhiking on the road, its really not much harder than jumping into a cold pool of water. its difficult at first but once your idea of leaving gains momentum, it starts becoming clearer and more attainable!

here are some things you might want to check out:

MAP! you know why lol

Bag.. Your bag is the most important item you will have while hitchhiking. Its where you will keep all of your stuff so its worth it to invest in a good one. I’ve heard good things from this one.
WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Packs for Outdoor Hiking Travel Climbing Camping Mountaineering with Rain Cover WS-55Lpack-yellow

Clothes… I took about 3 shirts, couple pairs of pants and a jacket. Its also pretty important to be prepared for rain.

phone… Although you don’t need it, my phone saved my ass a lot of times when I had no clue where I was or where the nearest town was. GPS is great!

Sharpie… You will be making a lot of signs to wave, so bring enough ink!

Essentials…..toothbrush, cleaning stuff, first aid, sewing kit, survival kit

Sleeping bag… You could either bring a tarp to lay on during the night or a small tent, I usually just found a spot off the road where no one could see me

You will have a lot of free time so its important to bring a Guitar or something to play when your bored, Bringing your talent with you can help bring in money when you might need it. share your heart to the world! people love it!

Last but not least.. BRING A NOTEBOOK! document your travels! Doodling can be really fun when there are down times, which is basically all the time on the road. Hope you have fun on your journey 🙂


How music touches the soul


Music is really important in a lot of peoples lives, most people can say they listen to it at least once a day.

Sometimes I have feelings of being empty and sort of nervous, I worry about even the next moment. I put myself in a state of being that is in dissatisfaction with the world around me. When I feel so lost that my breath is forgotten, I usually turn to the healing sounds of music.

I listen to music that doesn’t involve alot of words, and I NEVER listen to the radio. The message a song can bring you is not from only the words a person sings but its the feeling you get from the variation of tones and melodies and beats that form together in a harmonious way. Then in return puts me into a harmonious way of being when I follow the music.

Most music on thew radio nowadays goes over alot of unneeded drama and whenever I listen to it it feels like I’m being brainwashed into feeling how the artist is feeling which is usually greed, heartbreak or gossip. which is shitty. Find your OWN rhythm and message! create music or listen to some jazz music or instrumental music. Explore the vastness of the music world and find uplifting and supportive music that will help you on your journey to happiness.  Here are some of my music choices nowadays: Gorillaz, Mushroom Jazz, and obviously Dont worry, Be happy by Bobby Mcferrin. Sometimes il listen to Psy-trance music when i need to focus. Explore your own music preferences! dont be afraid to listen to something different!

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What to do during a stomach ache


So if you’re like me, your probably wondering why you just ate all that bread. And your probably feeling terrible hahahahahaha

well, Here are some things that could help with your stomach issues:

most people just go with pepto-bismol which is okay.

but if your not most people and you want something a little less over the counter try peppermint and ginger tea.  Ginger is actually great for your blood-flow that helps the body over-all but more importantly Ginger helps to ease stomach issues and help digestion. Try it in a tea or raw whenever you feel like you need it.

If you think you have eaten too much putting even more into your body might just make it worse

I’m not a doctor I don’t know a whole lot but this is what worked for me!


Why making art sometimes sucks


If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering why you cant get your ass to the easel. Well look no further for I have the remedy of your dis-ease.

Many people including myself get in cycles of being stagnant, not wanting to do much, losing hope about the future, you know, what everyone on the whole entire planet has gone through.. ..Right! depression! You are not alone and help is here. A big thing about depression for me atleast is MEETING YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE…. meaning, understand where you are emotionally and find whats working for you then BUILD on that. Nothing says self-love like helping yourself to feel better rather than wallowing in your sorrow. (although sometimes its necessary to explore your emotions to find their roots)

Anyway… getting back into your craft can be as easy as GET OF YOUR ASS AND START SOMETHING RIGHT NOW…………… but sometimes we have too much resistance to that idea which is totally okay. When I get to that point I start from scratch, I ask myself  “why do I paint?” …”what good would painting do for me?”  because more times than often we get anxiety about the final product and what could be rather than the process because its the process, the moment, that is most fulfilling. Be fully engaged and focused on the stroke that nothing else can exist in your mind other than your creation. Do not create for the result, create for the enjoyment of creating!